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Grand Kakinada by GRT Hotels

One of the most rewarding projects we have undertaken at this hotel has been the complete redesign and renovation of our guest rooms. After years of the same tired decor, we knew it was time for an update to bring our rooms into the modern age and truly wow our guests. The interior design team worked tirelessly, putting their creative passions into every detail to craft rooms that feel like sleek and stylish urban oases. They sought out the finest materials, from lush fabrics to eco-friendly hardwoods, to construct spaces that appeal aesthetically and ethically. The team curated elegant furnishings that marry comfort and class, allowing guests to relax in refinement. Throughout the rooms, their inspired choices of vibrant colors, statement lighting fixtures, and original artwork come together to create environments that feel both contemporary and timeless.

Project Details

Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India




Project Type


Project Gallery

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